A Peek Behind The Painting

by creativehive

Have you ever met someone who you instantly knew was good?  They had a welcoming smile, and a way of speaking that made you happy?  Well if not…lucky you…I’m going to introduce you to one of those people.  Her name is Ashley.  In full disclosure, she is also the talented artist who created the first and only outside instagrammable wall here at The Creative Hive!  But first, you gotta hear her story!

Ashley says she grew up in a house where creativity was encouraged.  Her Mom had a craft room and there was always a space to get your hands dirty and work your imagination.  It was a way for her to relax and find calm, but it didn’t seem like something that she could do full time and her path took a different direction.

With a passion to help and be a part of her community Ashley went directly in to policing from school and with her self described type A personality she excelled.  It wasn’t until after children and facing a more permanent desk job Ashley decided to take a leap of faith.  She says life is too short and it was time to explore her love of creating.  She jumped into interior design and home staging.  A move that allowed her to be with her kids and develop her artistic side.

The thing is when you believe in yourself…anything is possible.  Ashley believed and had the support of her family to back her.  It was meant to be because Illustrious Interiors took off.  Ashley was meeting new people, designing rooms and houses, but unexpectedly her hand painted murals started taking centre stage.  Its something she offered to create a personal touch in a home, but it has become something clients seek out.

This is where The Creative Hive comes in and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of her story.  We wanted to showcase a new artist on the outside of our building creating an instagrammable wall.  It was a huge blank canvas and we wanted to see what could be created there.  We put the call out to artists all over the city and so many incredible designs were submitted, but Ashley’s was chosen by the community to bring to life.

Her style is whimsical, colourful, and playful.  Her personality is down to earth, caring, and compassionate.  Plus, it goes without saying she is talented.  Over a few weeks Ashley brought to life the mural that now lives as the entrance to The Creative Hive.  It’s a piece you have to really look at because there are so many touches to discover.

Ashley says doing an outdoor mural of her own was like the cherry on top of a very cool first year in business.  Throughout the entire process Ashley says the support from her online community was so positive…it was almost surreal the amount of people that were excited to come by and take a picture in front of it.  One person driving up from Drayton Valley and another from Calgary.  It was all so unexpected and has already led to a commissioned piece in her home town of Fort Saskatchewan.

With a new business year in front of her…Ashely just smiles.  She wants to dip in to more design jobs and murals because that is where her passion is really ignited…she says there is nothing that beats being creative.

We know one thing…she will always be a part of The Creative Hive family and we can’t wait to celebrate her next big piece!

Please pop by anytime to take a picture outside and come on in to see The Creative Hive.  Don’t forget to tag the artist and our community sponsors Cloverdale paint.A


Cloverdale Paint: https://www.cloverdalepaint.com/store-locations/cloverdale-alberta-locations/location-detail/41/edmonton-111ave

Ashley with Illustrious Interiors: https://www.instagram.com/illustrious_interiors/