A Splash of Colour

by creativehive

It’s 1992 and the grade one Emily Carr Art Award goes to…Samantha!  Maybe just a plaque for some to put on the shelf and say remember when, but for Samantha Williams-Chapelsky it was her first step towards becoming the artist she is today.

A young woman inspired by the vivid colours that marked the Alberta landscape and cheered on by her parents…Samantha fostered the passion of the growing painter inside.  She worked hard because becoming an artist doesn’t just happen.  It took years of training, practice, development and a part of that time was spent studying in Italy.  It was her dream…yes, but it was a part of her and who she would always be.

Today Samantha Williams-Chapelsky is a full time artist.  A statement that took years of odd jobs and big jumps to finally say confidently.  It’s a title she hopes to always have, but added to her talent she is a great person.  To me, that’s as big a statement.  If you haven’t met Samantha let’s just say the best way I can describe her is welcoming, warm, and real.  We met via e-mail and I’ve always believed it’s such a hard way to read tone, but in Samantha’s first note you could feel her generosity and her absolute love for the work she does.  She jumped at the chance to help brighten our little space and it makes me smile at least once a day.  She uses big bright colours and patterns to convey a feeling as much as a finished picture, but she’s also using her art to give back to the community.

Helping Samantha develop her career is her work with Golden Artist Colours paint company.  They promote artists who work with them to teach others by making sure she has the best tools and supplies available.  It’s a role that allows her to always be learning and growing as an artist.

Every year Samantha tackles a big project and her latest is the restoration and painting of a VW van.  She laughs when she says, “Even in my down time it’s all about art…it’s my life and I love everything about it.”

Fun facts about Samantha:

  • Favourite Colour: Bright yellow
  • Favourite Music: 80s Rock
  • Favourite Local Artist: Jennie Keith

Samantha fought hard to get where she is and continues to fight to get as far as she can in the art world.  She says, “My style is always changing…it has to grow and it can only get better.”