Creating Community with Cloverdale Paint

by creativehive

If you are ever looking for instant gratification look no further than a bucket of paint.  In one satisfying swoop you can transform something…anything really.  From a wall to a piece of furniture to a vase…paint changes things dramatically and quickly.  I am slightly obsessed with painting and truth be told if there is paint anywhere in my vicinity then it’s a guarantee I will have paint on me somewhere!!

I first discovered Cloverdale almost 10 years ago as a customer and then a partner in a growing paint business, they helped with and now as a community partner.  This is good stuff, but what continues to draw me back are the people and today I’m going to introduce you to one of the many I’ve met at Cloverdale Paint in West Edmonton.

Meet Steve Duggan.  He’s been my point of contact and helper person since I wandered in to their location.  He’s awesome and I’m 100% positive chatting with me to do a blog is not his favourite thing.  What he’s passionate about after family is Cloverdale.  Not the paint…the company.  He says lots of people make great paint and while they are some of the best paint developers, what sets them apart is the company.  Cloverdale Paint has always been family owned.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t.  Each bucket you haul out of there you are helping support the local economy, Canadian jobs, and keeping the Canadian dollar right here because the paint is even manufactured here.  It sounds like a commercial, but it’s not.  They stepped up to help us out here at The Creative Hive and so I asked if I could bug them with questions so we could really share what they do best.

Steve has travelled all over Alberta to visit and work with Cloverdale stores and suppliers…he says about 4 years ago they really started touting their Canadian roots and now when he mentions that eye brows instantly perk up.  He says the “support local” movement has given them momentum and I would say it’s a momentum backed with incredible paint lines.

The Creative Hive wanted to showcase up and coming local artists and we have lots of big walls here…what better way than to let an artist create something.  This however requires paint.  We are so new and there is no extra budget for paint.  We pitched the idea to Steve and instantly he said sure…how can we help.  WHAT!

Turns out that was just the beginning of this awesome adventure when it comes to our Instagrammable wall here.  Dozens of local artists shared their ideas and our community helped select the winning design.  Now Ashely from Illustrious Interiors is bringing to life this work of art with bright, brilliant colours from Cloverdale.  Plus, best part is she is now a friend….one I am so thankful to have met!

So, when you think of Steve…think of colour, think of family, and think of connections before you think of paint because that’s what paint can do.  It brings new life to things, it generates conversation and in this case it has an entire community supporting the work of one local artist and a very new coworking space.

Thank you Cloverdale…you will always be our first choice.



Cloverdale Paint:

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