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Enneagram Workshop with Juli Wenger

February 27 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm | $50

The Enneagram Assessment is a tool that I pretty much become obsessed with. It is so much more than a personality assessment, but really a way to help us get in touch with the essence of who we are and how we show up in life. It helps us to get in tune with the ways we unconsciously protect ourselves from pain, our core motivators, and our self-limiting beliefs. It is an incredible tool for self-awareness and growth, and to develop compassion for the people around us. When we start to understand ourselves and our lens on the world, and other people and their lens of the world, it has the potential to completely change how we interact with and support others. And it gives us the perspective to give ourselves more grace.

This introduction to the Enneagram is for you if you are:

• Craving more connected relationships

• Ready to understand what makes you tick and motivates you

• Ready to learn about how you sabotage yourself

• Hoping to be more understanding of others and how to empower them (and how to have them drive you less crazy)

During this workshop, you’ll be guided by Juli Wenger of Thrive-On to:

• Develop an understanding of the framework of the Enneagram

• Become familiar with the 9 basic types

• Learn how to leverage your inherent superpowers

• Like to drink wine and eat cheese


This event is $50/seat. This event is for members of the Thrive-On Community and invited friends & family.


We recommend taking an online Enneagram test before you arrive, to have an idea of what your type could be. We would like to emphasize that while online tests & exams are helpful, they are not always accurate. Finding out your type will come through discovering each types core motivations & fears and evaluating which most align with you.

We recommend Integrative 9 to take your test. https://www.integrative9.com/getyourtype

A huge big THANK YOU to our sponsors, Sarah’s Kitchen: https://sarahs-kitchen.com/
And Therapy Vineyard | Inn: https://www.therapyvineyards.com/
For the donation of wine and charcturie boards! You brought the fun and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Photographs and/or video will be taken at this event. By taking part in this event you grant the event organisers full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and anyreproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://bit.ly/2tqQpuO