Hive Media

We are a team that is passionate about sharing your story in the way you want. We will take your ideas and make them a reality. Our job is to bring your vision to life using creativity, planning and experience. We will be your guides during the storytelling journey.

Our team is small, but mighty.

Mike Tighe, Storyteller, will see to it your story is captured how it should be using the right tools. With more than 2 decades behind the camera quality and confidence is a guarantee. Always using cutting edge tools to get the job done Mike’s unwavering love of his trade grows with each year. Accolades include more than a dozen provincial and national awards, but also a handful of international awards for both visual creativity and editing.

Dez Melenka, our Chief Chatty Person, Producer, and Writer’s job is to tell your story in a way that matches your vision, but has a healthy dose of creativity. Her goal is make you comfortable in the process and guide you through the stages of planning, capturing and editing the project. She has nearly 15 years experience in the broadcast industry and has earned several national and international awards for her work.

We work with several other talented videographers and editors in the city and are happy to help more people share what they love doing.

Listen…we can list all the great things, but we recommend you drop us a note or give us a call and help us create great things with you.

Video Production

Everyone has a story. It really is that simple, but how you chose to share your story…now that is a choice to make. We take your vision seriously. It is our job to create a finished video that speaks your truth and shares exactly what you want, the way you want. Let us use decades of experience crafting compelling videos and dynamic writing to bring your story to life…your way.

Please contact us for pricing and details on any type of video production requirements.

Types of Videos

  • Small Business Video
  • Small Business Profile
  • Personal Profile
  • Education Video
  • Training Video
  • Social Media Videos
  • Memorial Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Anything You Can Think of!

Facebook Live Events

All Things Coworking!!! Roundhouse Urbn Cowork & The Creative Hive

Posted by The Creative Hive on Friday, June 19, 2020


Understanding the Power of Facebook Ads

Who has a sign hanging in their house, their office or maybe even one they got as a gift from William Rae designs?  You aren’t alone because I have several wood framed and gorgeous pieces hanging around my spaces.  They are quotes that give you hope, make you smile or even make you remember.  Here’s … Continue reading Understanding the Power of Facebook Ads →
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A Peek Behind The Painting

Have you ever met someone who you instantly knew was good?  They had a welcoming smile, and a way of speaking that made you happy?  Well if not…lucky you…I’m going to introduce you to one of those people.  Her name is Ashley.  In full disclosure, she is also the talented artist who created the first … Continue reading A Peek Behind The Painting →
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Creating Community with Cloverdale Paint

If you are ever looking for instant gratification look no further than a bucket of paint.  In one satisfying swoop you can transform something…anything really.  From a wall to a piece of furniture to a vase…paint changes things dramatically and quickly.  I am slightly obsessed with painting and truth be told if there is paint … Continue reading Creating Community with Cloverdale Paint →
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Seasons of Hope

Spring is the ultimate season of hope…right?  Seeds get planted and there is anticipation about what will grow, how it will grow and how strong the roots will be to steady it when life comes roaring through.  Having hope or being in a season of hope is powerful for Sonja Deklerk.  It means there is … Continue reading Seasons of Hope →
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Standing up for Mental Health

100% of Canadians need to take care of the same thing…it doesn’t matter how old we are, our race, or our gender.  We all need to take care of our mental health.  This is what allows everyone to live life to their fullest, so why do we often neglect it?  Mistreat it?  Or even struggle … Continue reading Standing up for Mental Health →
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