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Freshcap Mushrooms

FreshCap Mushrooms started as a humble gourmet mushroom farm in 2015. We grew everything from Pink Oysters to Reishi. We built the farm from the ground up; including building an environmentally controlled grow room, a sterile laboratory, and everything in between. We spent a few years completely immersed in growing mushrooms- learning everything we could about the art of mushroom cultivation. Man, did we learn a lot! Back when we were building the farm, we also started freshcapmushrooms.com, as a way to have an online presence for the farm. Before we knew it, we were sharing knowledge about mushroom cultivation with people from all over the world! During our time cultivating mushrooms we became aware of the AMAZING health benefits of medicinal mushrooms. With our online platform in place we decided to launch our very own medicinal mushroom supplement in 2017. Our supplements are currently for sale in the USA and will soon be available in Canada.