The Passion Behind Knotwood Event Rentals

by creativehive

While so many people dream of their wedding day Miranda Crabtree dreams up ways to make your wedding day perfect, but to understand Knotwood Event Rentals you need to know a bit about the lovely lady running the show.

I met Miranda as she hauled in pieces of a backdrop for the first wedding we hosted here at The Creative Hive.  Instantly, I liked her because anyone who carries in large pieces of 4×4 wood is the kind of person not afraid of a little hard work and don’t let her small stature fool you…she is a force!  She didn’t mind a few questions being thrown her way as I bugged her about what she did and why.  She cared…you could tell that right away.

Miranda’s husband can be credited with bringing Knotwood Event Rentals into their lives because while Miranda had a full time job…it wasn’t something she loved.  She says it happened quick.  He called and told her about a lady who had this business for sale renting linens and stuff.  She jumped.  Isn’t that the story of so many people destined to be entrepreneurs?  You have to take that jump and without worrying about the how…Miranda did.

For nearly four years Miranda learned the business she bought, she grew it beyond linens to decor and items that she curated to make special days even more special.  Have you ever thought about pushing yourself?  That’s what Miranda did…she knew to make this her career it was going to require a little push and she created something to be proud of with this advice from her husband, “Go for it, be confident, and take the risk.”

At the beginning of this year Miranda tells me she decided it was time to stop holding back…it was time to jump again.  She moved her business out of their house and in to a West Edmonton warehouse.  For the first time she had room to really stretch her creativity and it meant bringing on a new division to her company.  April Gurnett with Lasting Love Wedding and Events was the perfect compliment to what Miranda was doing.  April has an eye and a passion for the details behind an event.  Together they are creating amazing experiences they’re proud of.

For Miranda, this is perfect and while she plans to grow her product and her knowledge she wants Knotwood Event Rentals to stay a boutique rental company because the one on one connection with each person that stops in is so important.  She gets to be a part of their story and is a proud local shop owner who believes even if it’s simple…it can be significant.

When I asked Miranda how she feels about what she’s accomplished…she smiled and said, “The best feeling is when people are like I heard about you…my friends had you at their wedding.  It’s the biggest compliment.”

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