Understanding the Power of Facebook Ads

by creativehive

Who has a sign hanging in their house, their office or maybe even one they got as a gift from William Rae designs?  You aren’t alone because I have several wood framed and gorgeous pieces hanging around my spaces.  They are quotes that give you hope, make you smile or even make you remember.  Here’s the thing though, creating a booming sign business was just the tip of the iceberg for founder Courtney Hanak.  What?!?  That’s right…being creative got her started, but it unleashed a new passion that’s just starting to inspire so many other entrepreneurs.

I first met Courtney 5 years ago…she was hand making each sign in her home office and putting them together in the shop just a few steps from her front door.  It was fun to see her work and to see the excitement as she perfected the building and really impacted people with words.  She had big dreams then to expand online and reach more people, open a warehouse, and even give back to more local charities.  Well, spoiler alert…she’s done all that and so much more.

Today William Rae is sold around the world to people that connect with her brand and believe in the work they do.  The home based business boomed and sales skyrocketed as her message reached new audiences.  I’m not talking about more markets or more friends…online.  Courtney taught herself how to use Facebook Ads to her advantage and turned a good business in to a great one.

While wading through the muddy waters of figuring out how to best reach the right people she sparked something unexpected.  A love of building the ads and seeing them soar.  It wasn’t just her that noticed the change…friends and other vendors at markets would ask her for help.  Ask her to explain just how she did it because the success was apparent to so many.  Courtney tells me she saw a power in this type of advertising and says it’s so cheap you need to be doing it.  She believes it’s a requirement for all business, but you need to know how.  That stumped her…only for a minute though…we will get back to that.

What did ads give Courtney?  She says freedom because her business was successful.  With ads you are paying a company to do something so you have the power and the needle can move, but you have to have a strategy.  She says with a good plan she saw the money come in and knew the work had paid off.  She dedicated 4 hours a day for at least 6 months to researching, implementing, and testing new ways to post, promote, and share Facebook Ads.  She did the leg work and that’s when it all clicked.

Now, her latest love is sharing that knowledge.  Helping other people in our community learn how to easily use the tool they all have access too.  She says when other people succeed it feels incredible and it’s easy to get addicted to helping people.

One thing I have always liked about Courtney is that she tells it like it is and so with that I’ll let her advice sink in.  She says if you can spend $5 a day you can make a difference.  If you set said an hour a day for two weeks of testing and learning you can do it.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, but if you have the will you can do great things.  It’s not going to happen without your effort…just shut up and do it!

We get to welcome Courtney to The Creative Hive Tuesday June 18 for the first in her 2-part Facebook Ads workshop and there are still a few tickets if you want to come and learn with us.

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