Wedding Wahoo

by creativehive

Every day at The Creative Hive we get to show the space to new people.  People who are looking to cowork, artists looking for a space to share their work, small business owners looking for meeting space, designers looking to hold an event and photographers looking for studio space.  Then Kyra Jasman came in…we had no idea the whirlwind that would follow after she asked one single question, “Have you ever had a stylized wedding shoot in here?”

Two weeks later I completely understood how a collaborative community can really be what supports you and allows you to achieve big things quickly.  We decided to go for it and in true entrepreneurial fashion or my type A personality…I took the reigns with the help of Kyra.  A single e-mail went out to other creative small business owners who specialize in what we needed to pull this off.  A florist, furniture, decor, a dress, guests, clothing for the guests, hair, make up, a bride…just to give you an idea of the undertaking this was.  Within three days of asking we had it all.  More than 10 local shops stepped up to showcase what they do best and The Creative Hive Wedding Wahoo was a go!

Over the next few weeks I want to introduce you to the incredible ladies behind each of the vendors…they all have a story and are incredibly talented in what they do.  Today, meet Kyra Jasman.

Kyra tells me she’s always noticed beautiful things…the landscape around her, a family walking or the happy couple at a wedding.  She picked up a camera for the first time in 2010 to start capturing the beauty and freezing moments of pure joy for family and friends to always have.

She was drawn to weddings because it was the best of everything and included new love, family celebrations, and intimate connections all day long.  Her passion though is not in shooting one type of event, but anything that allows her to connect with her community on a deeper level.

With a camera in her hand Kyra is magic and at The Creative Hive she allowed us to showcase a vision for bringing people together.

What does she love?  Her family.  Her work.  Kyra loves meeting other like minded people in the community and building relationships in unexpected the Wedding Wahoo.  She says it’s exciting to think complete strangers can bond over one event and she has the privilege of capturing it for everyone to benefit from and enjoy.

This is love for Kyra and it shows every time viewfinder goes up to her eye.

Find links to everyone who helped out at The Wedding Wahoo below the pictures.


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