Why Coworking

by creativehive

One year ago, I didn’t know what coworking was.  Okay, so maybe more accurately I didn’t know there was a term for people wanted to work together.  I’ve always been someone who does better with other people around.  I thrive on being able to bounce ideas off people, interact, network, and still have my own space to focus. 

Mike Tighe (my business partner and friend) and I stumbled on a space for our video production company.  A small space we thought would be the perfect area to start crafting the videos for people and businesses we believe we could help.  When we came in we discovered the other area attached to ours was empty and then creativity took over.  Mike said the line I know recognize as…it’s going to be a lot of work or it’s going to cost a significant amount of money.  He said, “ I have an idea.”  Right there in the middle of an aging industrial bay used for re-finishing front end loaders…The Creative Hive was born.

We wanted to build a space in an unexpected area…also an area where coworking spaces weren’t available.  We wanted to take this space and turn it in to something that would inspire creativity, collaboration and ultimately community.  We knew it had to have a studio area, bright natural light and be a space everyone could work on their own projects or in their own business, but never be alone. 

Sounds magical and awesome…today it is as we stand in the finished space, but let me tell you it was a journey to get here.  It was months of renovations and figuring out how to make that picture in our heads a reality.  Slowly, but surely with the help of family and friends it started to take shape.  I have to admit it was even surprising to me at times, but there was one constant as we went through the entire journey.  The place we call The Creative Hive was always filled with a comforting energy.  It was just welcoming.  Wild right?  Even when we were filthy and there were piles of garbage as we worked on re-finishing the stairs or painting the endless walls…it was a place that made you feel good.  There was always this feeling way down deep that if we could just get it finished…it would be a place that people would want to fill up.

It took 5 months to get it open.  For  my type A personality it was an eternity and I’ll admit there are still ongoing projects…I’m not sure those will ever end, but it’s open.  It feels right and it feels like we get to help bring people together.

Here’s the funny thing…the real work…the hard work has only just begun.