About Us

Mike Tighe
I collect camera equipment and lenses because I am so passionate about the craft.
Dez Melenka
Being creative is like breathing...and meeting new creatives fuels me to reach for even crazier dreams!

The Creative Hive is simply our passion.  Sounds corny, but hey it’s the truth.  We wanted to make a single place where all creative’s are welcome to explore their craft, hone their skills and collaborate naturally with other people navigating changing industries.  

First though…how?  We have both been in the media world for more than a decade.  A world that is changing faster than mainstream News can keep up to, but in the midst of it all we carved out a complete love for our community and the many people that jump in each day to make their dreams a reality.  We wanted to be a part of that!  We wanted to create a place that welcomes all the dreamers, doers, people putting Edmonton on the map.  

With small budgets and big plans we cleaned up and curated a special place unexpectedly found amongst all things industrial in West Edmonton.  It’s a space with a natural light studio, green screen room, workspace, meeting space and event space.

It’s a place that’s as eclectic as the businesses we hope will fill our space.  We want you to focus on what you do best and not worry about the overhead of a bricks and mortar building.  You are free to create, plan, succeed…we just supply you loads of free coffee, kick-ass wifi and a space that naturally lends to collaboration.  

Our first jobs were in the News…using video to tell stories, events, and moments.  We are now working to make The Creative Hive a place where stories are shared, moments made and community is created. 

The response to our dream has been overwhelming and we truly hope to start something uniquely Edmonton.

People talking about us

Filmmaker & Photographer
The Creative Hive is honestly such a gem for all creatives, and especially for filmmakers and photographers. It's a gorgeous space with tons of natural light, countless locations to work in, and pretty much everything you could need for a successful shoot, from backdrops to green screens and more. I was recently in the space to shoot a portion of my upcoming documentary, and I was floored by how versatile the space is. Beyond all that, it's run by great people, so what more could you ask for?
Virtual Effects
Loved this space! So many options for working, photography, filming, meeting, and creating. Highly recommend checking it out!
Partner, Million Dollar Sisterhood
Such a beautiful and shoot a video - everything is right there! Inside you will find a few video and photo-worthy spots. From a purple couch to a green screen room. Space itself is very bright and filled with natural light. Makes it easy to just pull out the phone and go live. Shared desks were awesome. Pretty comfortable to sit at and has everything needed to get sh*t done! Must check out if you are looking to be more productive and create amazing connections with likeminded people.
The most incredible space to hold an event or have a meeting. The concept is awesome and the design is beautiful!

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